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We are a Team of Technical trainers that have a unique delivery style and knowledge of technology systems that translates to quality delivery of your training message.

Training academy

The Training Academy is a series of intense and interactive Cybersecurity and IT courses geared to acquire an in-demand industry certification, preparing you for an Entry-Level Career in Cyber Security.

talent management

We have a pipeline of Talented Cyber Professionals from our Cyber Academy and expansive network. We desire to be your go to Talent Management partner for your company’s resource needs.


Why you should Join Event

This will be an hour full of wisdom, knowledge, and laughs! I have taken my years of knowledge and experience in the IT industry and crafted this Master Webinar. I will guide you through what I themed, “The Happy Path” to a career in Cyber Security Without a Degree. During this webinar, participants will review: Current Cyber Resource Shortage, Training (most popular resources), Networking, Job Search, and Interviewing Skills.


The Scrum Academy is an immersive interactive activity-based training course that prepares participants for a role leading agile scrum teams. This one-week unique course will provide participants with the knowledge to take the Scrum Master Certification.



The Cyber Academy is an immersive cyber security training course that prepares participants for a role in information security. This six-week unique course will provide participants with the knowledge to take the Cyber Fundamentals and Security+ Certifications.

CompTIA Security+ emphasizes hands-on practical skills, ensuring the security professional is better prepared to problem solve a wider variety of issues.  Cybersecurity professionals with CompTIA Security+ know how to address security incidents, not just identify them.

This Google Analytics class is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the features available in Google Analytics and teach you how to leverage them to best serve your business needs. 


what we do


Technical Training & Writing

You will learn the most in-demand Cyber Security skills from Instructors who have years of teaching, instructional design, and industry experience. No “death by PowerPoint” style of delivery with our instructors! Our Interactive and industry knowledge filled training delivery will give you confidence to pass your exam and ability to apply your skills back in the real world.

What we do

Talent Management

Your go-to partner for Talent sourcing that will work collaboratively to develop a workforce for your organizations that is productive and more likely to stay long term. Our holistic approach to identifying key resources unique to your organization’s needs is our, “sweetspot”, overall improving business performance and ensuring you remain competitive.

Our portfolio



"Thanks to the cybersecurity training and mentorship I received, I was able to take my knowledge and confidence to the next level. Their guidance and positivity not only helped me develop a deep understanding of cybersecurity concepts and practices, but also provided invaluable insights on how to showcase my skills and experience on my resume. With their help, I am able to confidently pursue my dream job in cybersecurity.
I am truly grateful for their support and highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their career in this field."
Jasmine D. Giles
Security Architect
Hi Tara, Recently, we asked students to nominate a teacher they see as exceptional and fantastic, and we were blown away by the number of responses we received. Congratulations!! You were nominated by a student and entered to win in our Teacher Appreciation giveaways! Here is what your student wrote about you: "Ms. Gordon takes the time to ensure that every student has a clear and concise understanding of the material. She holds all of her students accountable balanced with compassion and understanding."
John Paul

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